Final wandering illusions JustRama is an Electronic Music Producer and enthusiast from  India  with love for music across genre , cultures and countries. He derives his inspirations from his travels, interactions and listening to some great musicians across the world. He tries to imbibe ethnic and cultural elements to his music. Indian being one of the key elements.

His early years in music were greatly influenced by pop artists like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson et al which later changed to Rap artists like Mc. Hammer. Given his interest in different forms of music, he moved to listening to Rock and Metal for many years. All this while he did not loose touch with his interests in Indian music like Gazals and Carnatic. He took this passion to next level by learning to play Drums & Guitar and received professional training.

Like most youngsters he would spend many hours listening to music and thinking how can I change the world! It was in early 2000s that he discovered the wave of Electronic Music sweeping across the world including India. While he started as an Enthusiast, soon realised that he does have the capability to create music of his own. With some professional training in electronic music, JutsRama has been successfully producing some great tracks with followers from across the world. 


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  1. Rahul Jain

    August 29, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Good Start, My wishes with you,


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